Business Plan Template

i.  Summary of the Issue (max of 250 words)

The summary highlights why this particular issue is important in the context of the overall UNEP Global Mercury Partnership. It provides the reader with some context of the issue.

II.  Objective of the partnership area

The objective should reflect desired outcomes of the partnership area. Objectives are to be clear, measurable, target-oriented and realistic while at the same time being clearly linked to the ambitious goal of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership. Objectives will contribute to concrete results in a systematic way.

III.  Priority actions

This section identifies the key priority activities for the partnership area (suggest three to five priority actions). The partnership area priority actions link to the objective. 

IV.  Partner efforts and timelines

This section delineates the major contributions of the partners for each of the priority actions, including overarching, bilateral and collaborative efforts:

V.  Opportunities

This section notes other concepts and ideas that are of potential interest to the partnership area in terms of meeting the partnership area objectives but that are not being pursued in the current time frame.  This allows the partners to log ‘good ideas’ that may need more scoping and/or are currently unfunded. It also allows partners to communicate with each other on interesting efforts for future business plans and may generate interest of new partners and enhanced transparency. 

Opportunities should clearly link to the partnership area objectives and be as specific as possible. 

VI.  Evaluation

Common to all of the partnership areas:

The partnership areas will report biennially to UNEP in accordance with the UNEP reporting format*. Reporting will include tracking partnership activities and partner contributions as well as assessing effectiveness, and measuring the impact of partnership activities on the achievement of the overall goal.  

*  UNEP will develop a systematic reporting format and timeline for the partnership areas to follow.

In this section, the partnership areas shall:

VII.  Resource Mobilization

The UNEP Global Mercury Partnership and the associated partnership area business plans are a way of mobilizing resources in a systematic, focused and harmonized way. The partnership area objectives and business plans should provide clarity for potential donors and finance institutions. If partners wish to leverage funding for particular projects, details should be outlined within this section for partner consideration.

The partners are encouraged to contribute financially and also to offer in-kind assistance. 

Partners are encouraged to apply for funding to relevant funders and regional organizations. 

VIII.  Business Planning Process

The process in developing and reviewing business plans will be outlined in this section. Partnerships will take stock of efforts and test direction and productivity in moving forward and will adjust planning accordingly.  

IX.  Linkages

It is understood that the partnerships undertake cross-cutting work. Key related activities should be listed in this section, including:

X.  partners

This section is a list of partners, and the key points of contact. It also identifies the partnership area lead(s) and any other relevant information.

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